Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Radiation - The Damage We Are Overlooking

Hello readers! I've lately been working on a new blog post, and I think you will really like this one! I've been more active on Twitter recently, as I often tweet about news concerning the ongoing cellphone radiation debate. You can follow me on Twitter here (my username is em_radiation): https://twitter.com/em_radiation

In case you are unfamiliar with the radiation debate, the following is a description of what it is, and my current position. Over the past couple of months, more and more people have actively been taking part in a debate about cellphones. I ask you - does cellphone radiation,have the potential to harm us? Is over-usage of our gadgets leading to potential health hazards in our later years? What is your opinion now? 

I can assure you that when you read the truth on this blog, the way you look at the handheld gadgets we use everyday will not be the same.  It is here where I blog my opinions and beliefs on electromagnetic radiation, commonly known as EMR, and other types of radiation as well.  I believe that EM radiation is inherently harmful to us and our world and that we need to take it more seriously - something we aren't currently doing right now.

http://smrt.io/VfNKGL My most recent reading was this article (link to the right). I have been very interested in the development of the radiation debate, and decided to check out the results of various MRI scans on cow brains. The scans - when compared to the human brain - could supposedly show us the potential effect of cellphone radiation on our brains. We already know that it is important that these radiation waves do not interfere with a child's brain, since at a developing age, serious and permanent damage may occur. These scans were no simple scans. As highlighted in the article, "containers of cow brains could help further a consensus on cellphone radiation and brain tumors – with an imaging technique that shows what happens to radiation when absorbed by the brain". 

Well, technology is definitely getting more advanced. It won't be long before we have a comprehensive set of results, and we'll be able to know for sure if it's the cellphones that are causing problems within the brain. So far, there has only been evidence of long term usage issues; however, with a society that grows and becomes more and more dependent on technology (specifically hand-help gadgets) every generation - we'll just have to wait and see. So, you must be asking... What were the results of this study?

"At 500 mW, 1 watt, and 2W, the temperature of the sample area closest to the antenna went up by 1, 3.5, and more than 5 degrees Celsius, respectively. These increases showed up as hot spots in the 3-D images generated by the MRI machine." Oh oh...

Imagine your brain getting hotter by 5 degrees! Five! Long term usage of cellphones isn't something people should be doing. I believe that our bodies were not built to sustain this kind of harm, especially if long term usage means that our body will be under more and more stress as we absorb radiation. 

How to hold your cellphone to
prevent radiation absorbtion.

Image from: bit.ly/LN32Oq
Overall, this cellphone usage issue is a big one. I agree, it is hard to completely give up our cellphones, and I'm not saying that you should. What i do suggest is that we take small steps, together, to try to limit the harm, and stress being put on our bodies in this modern day world. Use protectors/cases for your phones, or use other methods of protection (many are highlighted here in one of my previous blog posts: http://bit.ly/XcrzBK). Evidently, any measure taken is a step towards a goal, and it is better to start now than later, especially because we rely more and more on our hand-held gadgets (that means cellphones!) every day.

I feel that I need to spread this important message. I believe that we need to educate people about this issue before it is too late. What do you feel? Think? Comment down below, I am eager to hear others' opinions. More to come, follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates (@em_radiation).



  1. I think this talk by Erica Mallery-Blythe says it all...and please consider signing the petition after you have watched it.