Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Radiation - The Damage We Are Overlooking

Hello readers! I've lately been working on a new blog post, and I think you will really like this one! I've been more active on Twitter recently, as I often tweet about news concerning the ongoing cellphone radiation debate. You can follow me on Twitter here (my username is em_radiation): https://twitter.com/em_radiation

In case you are unfamiliar with the radiation debate, the following is a description of what it is, and my current position. Over the past couple of months, more and more people have actively been taking part in a debate about cellphones. I ask you - does cellphone radiation,have the potential to harm us? Is over-usage of our gadgets leading to potential health hazards in our later years? What is your opinion now? 

I can assure you that when you read the truth on this blog, the way you look at the handheld gadgets we use everyday will not be the same.  It is here where I blog my opinions and beliefs on electromagnetic radiation, commonly known as EMR, and other types of radiation as well.  I believe that EM radiation is inherently harmful to us and our world and that we need to take it more seriously - something we aren't currently doing right now.

http://smrt.io/VfNKGL My most recent reading was this article (link to the right). I have been very interested in the development of the radiation debate, and decided to check out the results of various MRI scans on cow brains. The scans - when compared to the human brain - could supposedly show us the potential effect of cellphone radiation on our brains. We already know that it is important that these radiation waves do not interfere with a child's brain, since at a developing age, serious and permanent damage may occur. These scans were no simple scans. As highlighted in the article, "containers of cow brains could help further a consensus on cellphone radiation and brain tumors – with an imaging technique that shows what happens to radiation when absorbed by the brain". 

Well, technology is definitely getting more advanced. It won't be long before we have a comprehensive set of results, and we'll be able to know for sure if it's the cellphones that are causing problems within the brain. So far, there has only been evidence of long term usage issues; however, with a society that grows and becomes more and more dependent on technology (specifically hand-help gadgets) every generation - we'll just have to wait and see. So, you must be asking... What were the results of this study?

"At 500 mW, 1 watt, and 2W, the temperature of the sample area closest to the antenna went up by 1, 3.5, and more than 5 degrees Celsius, respectively. These increases showed up as hot spots in the 3-D images generated by the MRI machine." Oh oh...

Imagine your brain getting hotter by 5 degrees! Five! Long term usage of cellphones isn't something people should be doing. I believe that our bodies were not built to sustain this kind of harm, especially if long term usage means that our body will be under more and more stress as we absorb radiation. 

How to hold your cellphone to
prevent radiation absorbtion.

Image from: bit.ly/LN32Oq
Overall, this cellphone usage issue is a big one. I agree, it is hard to completely give up our cellphones, and I'm not saying that you should. What i do suggest is that we take small steps, together, to try to limit the harm, and stress being put on our bodies in this modern day world. Use protectors/cases for your phones, or use other methods of protection (many are highlighted here in one of my previous blog posts: http://bit.ly/XcrzBK). Evidently, any measure taken is a step towards a goal, and it is better to start now than later, especially because we rely more and more on our hand-held gadgets (that means cellphones!) every day.

I feel that I need to spread this important message. I believe that we need to educate people about this issue before it is too late. What do you feel? Think? Comment down below, I am eager to hear others' opinions. More to come, follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates (@em_radiation).


Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad side under all the advantages of EMR? Yup!

I know I haven't posted much lately; however, I've been more active on Twitter. Sorry about this... Stay tuned though, I have tons more great posts coming your way!

So. The radiation debate. Things have dwindled down from when I last posted; even though this debate was a large portion of the media a while ago, it's completely dwindled down now. Good for all cellular phone companies and most of the industry. Bad for us. There's a clear dichotomy here; however, in this certain situation, one side is more clear and apparent in this issue than the other: the good side of EMR. Firstly, I can start off by describing the reason that the benefits of putting to use electromagnetic radiation technology are overly divulged in our society. We can start by looking at the situation from a bird's point of view. A bird can see the map of the whole debate, outlined to detail. They can see the disadvantages of each and the advantages quite equal, and, in fact; have not made up their minds on what side they will advocate for, therefore, putting themselves quite distinctly in "no man's land". While most of the public is aware that this issue exist, there is, as always, a percentage that don't, and it's in the hands of the cellphone industry (and top priority as well) to promote the advantages of cellphone usage, as extremely as to the point where the consumer of the product doesn't even realize that there is a disadvantage. Always remember: you're their customer, and it's in their hands to get you to keep consuming. What we come to conclude then, is that the number one way for cellular companies to keep attracting customers is to, well... keep attracting customers, and what better way for them to do so than promote the amazing advantages of EMR technology. Since EMR was industrialized and put to use in today's modern technology environment, it's "good side" has been, in my opinion, excessively put in the spotlight. And I believe that this is only so for a single reason; to hide the fact that beyond what you would call these 'advantages of EMR' lays a layer not divulged to man until recently. The EMR bad layer. 

Now, you may be thinking: why all the brouhaha? Well, it's been an ongoing struggle, since as with any issue, there are two, quite dichotomous sides in terms of their point of views. In my case, there are the cellphone companies, and other advocates of the technology, and the researchers and such, dwindling down all the way to people like myself, who are at most, trying to get others educated about this apparent debate. Now, another reason EMR benefits are being put up in the spotlight is because many studies have been conducted and proved right, all leading to the conclusion that EMR is harmful, and because the industry does not want you to believe such things, they cover it up. An example of a recent study was one published in the Toronto Star not long ago (I have a blog post about it as well: http://effectsofemr.blogspot.com/2012/01/radiation-in-oshawa-apartment-causes.html). In it, residents in an Oshawa apartment get so ill that it comes to the point where people assume that the two are AIDS patients). Let's play a game, can you guess the cause? None other than EMR fields, hidden beneath the floor boards of the apparent, and shown in the video to be powerful enough to fully light a light bulb. 
We've become so used to
these products that it's
really hard to let them go.

Image credits:http://bit.ly/wD9zpH

We know that radiation, especially EMR, is very, very dangerous, and I have come to the conclusion that the cellphone (and wi-fi, any company marketing wireless, etc.) know about the dangers and cover it up on purpose, or only mention in so slightly that many are incapable of noticing such a danger hidden in a product we have come to know and love. As I was demonstrating in an earlier post, people are only suspicious of the fact that these EMR products are all dangerous since these have entitled us to so much, and have been around for at least the last 10+ years. I know that it's hard letting  product(s) we have incorporated into our lives and that have become cultural capitol go; however, it's a certainly possible lifestyle to adapt, and many have taken this route. 

Evidently, once you get used to a certain lifestyle, it's easy to adapt! Really, I mean it. Once you start doing something, especially if you know that it will make a positive difference towards your new, healthier life, go for it! Trust me, this whole thing is worth it. By joining millions of people who are already educated about this topic, you can help educate others, and increase the attention people pay to something as apparent as this.

Finally, my main point is: educate others, know about what's going on, and protect yourself. There are many ways to do so, and I know that completely changing your lifestyle in a short time is a long shot; however, it's the little things you do that will really be impact yourself and make a difference. My main purpose is to educate others, and to let them know that there is an issue in our world that sits in front of our very eyes, but that no one stood up to. I would appreciate if you refer to some of my previous posts for points of reference, some deal with actual products that you can use to protect yourself (special cases for cellphones {doing just that can help}), and others with studies, living a EMR free life, and so on. I appreciate your read, please leave a comment below, I love a good engaging conversation! Follow me on Twitter (@em_radiation), as well as give me suggestions on the suggestions tab/page. Tune in for more, coming soon!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

The good side of electro-magnetic radiation...

Well, of course. To every debate, there's a good and bad side. And because I am open to discussion and am here for the sole purpose of spreading the message, I guess that there will have to be a post detailing the good side of EMR.

Please watch the following PowerPoint presentation. It details how the advantages of using EMR technology play out. Although I strongly dispose using EMR, and try myself to avoid it as much as I can (which is hard to do in today's society), I made this to illustrate both sides of the argument, and to show that I am open to discussion. Please enjoy. 

The slideshow details various things. Firstly, as you know them, cellular phones. Looking at them in a positive light, one realizes that they allow the human to do so much... We take the advantages the cellphone brings for granted, but should we? Then comes the microwave, another device that emits the same radiation that a cellphone does... We take this device for granted (again), not knowing the harmful effects it brings later on in life, but nonetheless, it still brings great technological advancement to our time-hungry world. 

In a future post, I will be dealing with all the counter arguments one could have... I posses many of these thoughts and always remember how these seemingly great technologies don't become so wondrous anymore once you place them side by side in a comparison chart witha ll the side-effects they bring.

It's just that the world refuses to believe, and that's why I'm here to spread the message. EMR is harmful! We have to accept it!

Now, do you realize what EMR does? Yes, it allows for the great benefit of always being connected and such, but think, there will always be a great disadvantage as well. Please comment with thoughts. Tune in for more.

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P.S. Thank you @HeidiSiwak for the great PowerPoint idea.
P.S.S. Thanks everyone for visiting, I have gotten a lot of traffic recently with all my new posts, and it's all thanks to you guys who keep checking and commenting.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can you feel the radiation on your face?

http://bit.ly/ys6fiy Some people feel it. I know I do. We are practically swimming in a sea of radiation, and we have become so used to it's presence that we barely notice how much it effects us anymore. Cellphones are a gadget our society has become so used to that they are hard to dispose of in our world. We love the Web 3.0 real time interaction sensation we have with these gadgets, and we feel as if it would be so hard to 'connect' to our environment without them that we cannot ever let go. As well, social media on these cellular gadgets make matters worse. Services such as Facebook let you connect and form a social network easily... But what do YOU gain in the end? Addiction to these services? Not being able to get away from your cellphone and always having to have a presence? Although we humans love to do this, it also comes with a disadvantage, as every technological advancement does. In this case, the disadvantage of this technology is electromagnetic radiation exposure.

With it's aerodynamic look and sleek interface
the new Galaxy Nexus is simply impossible to
put down, and because our world is so used
to being "connected", society doesn't
accept what is true: EMR is causing us harm.

Picture from: http://bit.ly/Abr91L
First off, here's the story. Social media gets invented, and put on these gadgets. This causes an uproar, since never before have people been able to feel so connected to the outside world. In the past, we didn't know of the dangers, but now we do, and it's getting awfully hard to convince others about the potential dangers since they think that if a product is introduced to the world, it has to be safe. Right? WRONG.

Cellphones were actually never actually tested for safety, and were only introduced to our society/world because of a loophole in in their development process. The thing is, could you imagine a world without cellphones? They provide so much... but it's actually not that hard. Nowadays, there are many technologies that could be in the making that we don't necessarily need, yet when people are exposed, they become so used to a product that it becomes hard to live without it. This is exactly what is happening or shall I say, has already happened, with cellular phones, and the main reason people aren't convinced is because they just don't want to believe it.

It's really hard to imagine, but around 40 years ago, when no one had a cellphone, or they were just top secret  information owned by the military, no one even dreamed of even owning such a device, just like it is hard to imagine today what the future will  hold. Will technology be introduced that is even more unsafe? I believe that the greater an advantage of a technology, the greater disadvantage it will bring.

The big question is, why was such technology, and social media created. Was it by some genius who looked at our world as being more fast and connected, and always the most technologically advanced? Or was this future set for us by companies whose sole purpose is to maximize profit, and to achieve this goal however way they can? Whichever way, it is bringing us humans a great disadvantage, which we will regret touching after we have used it for a while and begin to feel it's disadvantages. The best thing you can do right now is to protect yourself. Get more educated. The more action you take, the more it will help your health.

The problem is evident,
just how exactly do we
spread the EMR message?

Picture from: http://bit.ly/7140M

I ask, what's your opinion? Do you think companies are setting us up for maximizing their profit, and one disadvantage just happens to be a lot of unnecessary and preventable exposure to EMR? Or was EMR accidentally stumbled upon and used to drive our already growing and expanding world forward? I find it quite sad that with every technological benefit there seems to be a con, since I look towards a world where everything is for the better.  Could you imagine... every item having no consequence or disadvantage? 

Overall, our world knows that EMR is very dangerous; however, we need to take this to the next level and accept this fact. People can protect themselves, using special cases, or avoiding the exposure (maybe not completely, but three quarters of the time when you are urged to pick up and use your phone. So what do you think? Do you feel connected to your phone and urged to pick up or use it? Do you believe that EMR is causing the world harm? Please comment with opinions and thoughts, I appreciate it. Tune in for more posts and make sure to follow me on Twitter (@em_radiation). Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Radiation in Oshawa apartment causes disease for residents...

http://bit.ly/xjsNCr As if we don't have enough about radiation in our news already. The following blog post is one more great example, if you still think that electromagnetic radiation doesn't exist and causes no harm, that it is an apparent issue in modern society and that we need to take action, better sooner than later. Here's the story: 

Russ Loader and his wife Kathy moved into an apartment on Colborne St. in Oshawa eight years ago. The building was new and clean, and was run by Gateway Community Homes. Then, the happy setting around this story all changed when the couple got their wish to move into a supposedly nicer apartment across the hall, and in doing so, moved into hell. Even though this 'better' apartment looked and sounded nicer, shortly after unpacking, they began to get severely sick. Russ, who has arthritis said, “My feet are size 10; they swelled up to size 14.” Worse, he soon developed gaping sores on his legs, had ballooned ankles and rotted toenails. Kathy said, “I also lost my ankles. I had skinny ankles before we moved in.” On the bottom of her legs, swelling was visible, and didn't look right. Russ, who used to be an amateur runner said, “I had to have home care for a year because of my sores; people thought I was an AIDS patient.”

Obviously, something is wrong here. How can such illness effect such young, healthy members of the community? There has to be an explanation, and of course, there is. The problem was that there was an electromagnetic field under the floor of the apartment! Watch the video below for test results of the floor of the apartment. The EMF is strong enough to light a light bulb! 

Video from http://bit.ly/xjsNCr.

What I Think
Well, the truth is finally starting to emerge! After all these years, society finally beings to doubt what the industry has been feeding to us for what seemed like an eternity: cellphone radiation is dangerous. I believe that this is, again, just one more example supporting my theory. However, in this case, the problem hasn't been completely solved yet, for once Russ reported the problem to Gateway Community Homes, they "conducted a report" that comes up with results that don't suggest any EMF, and say that it could be coming from the computers in the home. As highlighted in one of my previous posts, any company can easily "conduct a report" and come up with whatever results suit them best, so its safe to say that the company is displaying these results for the sole purpose of maximizing profit. What angers me even more is that Russ then wrote to the Ministry of Health... Who responded to him saying “Unfortunately, your problems lie outside (our) jurisdiction . . . and this ministry is unable to be of assistance.” Finally, when Russ contacted the Landlord and Tenant Board, he got the response he was looking for... almost. The LTB judge was impressed enough with their presentation that he invited himself over to the Loader apartment in order to see the problem for himself. And then he ruled against them. 

So the big problem here? No, not that radiation is unsafe for our society, although that is equally true. What's truly wrong here is that the world around us doesn't accept what's true, and still refuses to believe, after all these studies and radiation being featured in the news, that it is a threat to our health. We need to educate others. Although there are some obstacles in a road to life completely without EMR exposure, people can still manege... even if we only use cellphones once in a while. The thing is, because we have had them for such a long period of time, people are so used to them that they refuse to believe that they are a potential threat. We need to change that.

So what's your opinion? How long could you go without your cellular device? What about your microwave (which also emits EMR)? I myself am living without a microwave, and once you get used to it, it is very easy to adapt (topic of future post). Please comment with your thoughts. Thanks for reading, more to come! 


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Monday, January 23, 2012

The radiation debate continues...

http://bit.ly/wc0pSh And it's still going. The 1980s, when the cellphone industry was born, started a fury of debates on radiation. Are cellphones safe? What about the radiation they emit? Ever since, it's been on and off... Until this month, when the World Health Organization placed mobile phones in the carcinogenic hazards category. The world knows that cellphones are dangerous, but top mobile phone companies cannot lose business to mobile phones being deemed as causing cancer, so a debate forms against anyone who demotes cellphone usage, and the companies who dominate the cellphone market and do not wish to stop their rising ladder to excessive wealth. 

Diagram of the head with and without
exposure to harmful cellphone radiation.

Image from photobucket.com.
The debate involves many key players. Even people like me, who possess but an opinion, take part. While some think that fear of radiation medically and in society is overblown, I think not. My opinion? We need to be educated, and protect ourselves.

I believe that any type of radiation is dangerous. The cellphone market knows this, and so does the company that makes money off of it. As I was saying, the threat doesn't only lie on EMR. There is also a question of nuclear radiation (more info here), which is a big threat today as well. Radiation is dangerous, and it's important to spread the message.

Nowadays, we know just how dangerous radiation really is, based on seeing studies on radiation causing cancers and brain tumors being published and deemed correct, and studies which deny any relationship of cellphone radiation to the human body being deemed flawed. I think that the real issue in today's modern society is getting the message out. At this year's CES in Las Vegas, there were many products for EMR protection, but with all the attention the issue is getting, people are still denying. Why? Because they refuse to believe! Why would such a great product be released by companies if it were unsafe (I'll be discussing this in a future post)? Overall, the main reason the debate is occurring is because people deny. If we get others educated, then cellphone companies will be truly powerless and outnumbered, and have no choice but to find methods of protection so they can still continue to generate enough profit (see methods of protection in an older post of mine here).

As well, in many countries where there are an abundance of resources and support available for children, the debate reaches an outage point. Child skulls and scalps are thinner. Because of this, radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain of children and young adults. Their cells are dividing faster rate, so the impact of radiation can be much larger. Especially nowadays, when there is concern for childcare and health, we cannot be letting children use mobile phones and expect them to be well and happy when they are in their senior years. 

On the other hand, there are some positive things that EMR offers to our world. A great communicative device which enables us to be up to date, as well as being able to microwave our food, these are both achievements which would have not been possible without the use of EMR. Like for every debate, one must think: do the advantages outweigh the costs?  

As Postman said in his first and second ideas in his "Five Things We Need To Know About Technological Change", (to see his speech click here) for every disadvantage of technology there is an advantage, and vice versa. This first idea leads to the second, in which he states that these disadvantages and advantages are spread equally among the population. Paralleling this example with the current topic, then, allows me to say that some people are 'losers' of EMR technology, and some are the 'winners', much like the 'losers' and 'winners' of the Internet. Do you agree? Does EMR send ripples in our society to allow some to gain from it and some to suffer? 

So what are your thoughts? Which side do you take? Comment so we can compare our variety of opinions. More to come, stay tuned.


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

How was EMR danger brought into the market?

http://bit.ly/Ccckd Normally, the process of a product entering the market takes years. Years of rigorous tests, to make sure that the product is safe and ready to be utilized by society to it's greatest potential. The product must be approved, tested, and have great testimonials for it to be looked upon with a 'check' and be ordered in by stores. Not for cellular phones. 
The first truly portable
cellular phone.

Image from dipity.com

How can a product which has gone through rigorous testing be deemed unsafe by so many studies about 20-30 years after it's original launch? How could the danger of EMR be approved by tests, deemed safe, and launched right into the modern market when clearly, something is wrong?! Clearly, the EMR cellphones are emitting is unsafe, so in what way could have the modern cellphone smuggled it's self into the market? Well, in this blog post, you're about to find out what all cellphone companies have been hiding from you for the last 20 years.

Cellphone Testing
First off, unlike any other products, cellphones were, indeed, never tested for safety. They only entered the marketplace due to a regulatory loophole. Questions about cell phone safety arose in the early 1990s, when a businessman filed a lawsuit alleging that cell phones caused his wife’s death due to brain cancer. As you can see, the only reason cellphones entered the modern market was because of a loophole. The big problem here? Well, since society thinks that cellphones must be safe in order to enter the market and they were tested before being shipped, we cannot convince the majority of the population that they are wrong. Only after 20 years came out studies proving those who deemed cellphones harmful correct, and because we have been using cellphones for so long, society refuses to accept the change and is not willing to live life with less exposure to EMR since they are so used to it's positive effects.

Denial by Key Players
The key players in this issue (more on that tomorrow in my next post), refuse to accept what they know to be true. A couple months ago, a EMR level tracking app was denied to be put on the App Store by Mr. Steve Jobs himself. Why? Because the smart man knows it'll only bring concern, and that the major companies (here being Apple) cannot lose any money from this. As well, companies could be paying false labs to publish fake studies, just so that they can continue to reek in profit, when they know that the real studies are actually correct.

What's Happening
Overall, I know that what is happening is the following: each side of the debate has it's own advantage. The cellular provocateurs know that people are accustomed to using cellphones, and that there is a very slight chance that the whole smartphone industry will be set aside since we as people are already so used to the presence of EMR in our society and that it will be very hard for us to give it up. The side of the debate that wants 'out' of EMR has an advantage too, since they have real facts and studies supporting their point of view.

The Big Problem
Pretty much, the problem is that people aren't willing to accept what has been true ever since cellphones came out: they are dangerous. A cellular phone is basically a radio that sends signals on waves to a base station, your body tissue.

I feel that I need to spread the message. I believe that we need to educate people about this issue before it is too late. What do you feel? Think? Comment down below, I am eager to hear others' opinions. More to come, follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates (@em_radiation).